4 Hair Styling Tips http://4-hair.co.uk/styling-tips Watch hot styling tips from 4 Hair Bridal hair http://4-hair.co.uk/styling-tips#bridal-hair Bridal hair

Watch the 4Hair bridal team at work

Welcome to 4 hair http://4-hair.co.uk/styling-tips#welcome-to-4-hair Welcome to 4 hair

30 years of excellence. A short video showing you why after 30 years 4 Hair is still Hertfordshire`s premier salon

GHD Seductive Volume http://4-hair.co.uk/styling-tips#ghd-seductive-volume GHD Seductive Volume

For vivacious hair that moves with natural confidence, just add glorious volume.

ghd Sexy Waves http://4-hair.co.uk/styling-tips#ghd-sexy-waves ghd Sexy Waves

Voluminous hair has a natural vivacity which seems to glow with inner confidence

ghd Sharp & Straight http://4-hair.co.uk/styling-tips#ghd-sharp-straight ghd Sharp & Straight

A sharp straight and sleek look will always be cutting-edge.

Breast Cancer Awareness Week http://4-hair.co.uk/styling-tips#breast-cancer-awareness-week Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Watch the 4 hair team at work raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness Week

4Hair Knebworth at night http://4-hair.co.uk/styling-tips#4hair-knebworth-at-night 4Hair Knebworth at night

A 2 minute video showing the spectacular salon lighting scheme at night.